Immersive Hallway
We created an interactive hallways composed of floor to ceiling Direct View LEDs with motion sensing and custom built scheduling.
I worked here as the lead technologist. I developed a custom content workflow, maintaining a fluid simulation software, creating the system architecture, and overseeing the overall development and installation of this project.
We designed three modes, each with a set of color palettes that can be scheduled through an online CMS we developed.
We installed a series of off the shelf motion sensors to to track the motion of users in the hallway to create responsive content.

Immersive Company Lobby
Skills Used: LED Image Manipulation, Arduino Programming, Physical Prototyping
Primary Materials: One way mirrored acrylic, LED strips, Adafruit Feather m0, Fidget Spinner
An experiment in learning POV coding and portable, robust electronics
Various Prototyping
Skills Used: Large Scale Design, Design for Replacement, Woodworking
Primary Materials: Plywood, 1x4 Wood Boards, Floor Tiles
We turned a semi-cured epoxy table into a replaceable tabletop design. Using common floor tiles and laminate, the table can now receive damage from being in a maker space and be completely replaced for $40.
LED Quarterstaff
Skills Used: Physical Prototyping, Arduino Programming, Electronics Integration
Primary Materials: Acrylic half rods, LED Strips, Adafruit Trinket, acceleromater
Dining Game Table
Skills Used: Woodworking
Primary Materials: water resistant outlets, red oak, plywood, ladder hinges, white board
Infinity Table
Skills Used: Woodworking
Primary Materials: One-way mirror, LED strips, Plywood
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