Media Tree
Five Faces of Evelyn Frost | Feb 2016 | DramaTech Theatre
Designer: David Howard, Bret Brammer | Assistant: Chad Turner
The Media Tree consisted of 24 monitors arranged in a tower form on the back of the set as well as monitors for the actors on stage. Composing of primarily CRT monitors, the trees were controlled through 2 Mac computers behind the stage. The computers were able to split signals and communicate with each other to allow for 12 separate video signals being sent to the monitors. The duplicate signals were scattered to separate monitors to minimize audience members noticing.
Blood and Fog Irrigation
Sweeney Todd | Apr 2015 | DramaTech Theatre
Designer: David Howard, Bret Brammer | Assistant: Christina Herd, Sean Bradley
A blood and fog piping system was created behind and under the stage to allow for an immersive experience in 19th century London. We created a series of piping and gates to allow fog to travel to multiple locations on stage from a few sources based on the need. We also created a trough on stage to allow fake blood to be poured in from the front of the stage and slowly fill from spigots on the upstage wall. While, gruesome, the effects made for a pretty metaphor to a otherwise gory scene.
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