The Challenge
How might we ease the experience of furnishing an urban apartment?
This project focused on designing an experience for recent college graduates furnishing an urban apartment. Starting a first job is already a stressful time, it becomes even harder in a new city with little resources. With our efforts, we looked at the entire user experience, from realization, to final placement, and created a mobile solution to assist in this time.
Team: David Howard | Dillon Weeks | Huaiwei Sun | Yuyan Duan
Role: Experience Design, Digital Prototyping, User Research, User Testing
Read the full case study and design process here!
We began by creating an initial sitemap of what we wanted the final design to accomplish.
We then created our wireframes of some of these features that could be shown to users for further feedback.
Final Design
From this feedback, we then created our final high fidelity prototype. It was here that we added a visual language and added in more functionality and robustness in the screens.
Feel free to interact with our final prototype, made in Adobe XD.
This was my first project that focused entirely in the digital realm. It was a new experience focusing on solely the user experience in a generic area. I appreciated getting the chance to hone my skills with digital development tools while also maintaining a proper user-centered design process the entire way through. We do believe there is a lot that can be improved, however, we quickly hit the limit of the tools that we were using for such an ambitious prototype. While, we were able to create a successful test with what we were using, we would love to this to a higher fidelity product.
Experience Designing: While mobile app design is still not my specialty, I have a new outlook on experience design within a digital solution.
Innovative Solutions: This project was a great chance at looking at a saturated market, and finding a hole in the experience that users could take advantage of. Specifically, this was a good chance to practice look for a non-obvious solution to a common problem.
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